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"As I gave up steering my own ship, I watched God miraculously open doors I had no business walking through; doors that I never could have opened on my own. "

  • Writer's pictureDenise Grace Gitsham

Happy 248th Birthday, America! Let's keep this party going!

As we gear up to celebrate the 248th birthday bash of our awesome nation, I wanted to share why this day means so much to me. Growing up as the daughter of a Chinese mother who escaped communism, and a Canadian dad who proudly served in the U.S. Air Force, Independence Day isn’t just fireworks and BBQs—it’s a celebration of the freedoms and values that make America shine like a sparkler on a hot summer night!

Did you know most constitutions don’t even make it past the two-decade mark? Yet here we are, smashing records with nearly 250 years of rock-solid principles and unshakeable freedom. It’s like hitting the high score in a game where liberty is the ultimate prize.

Now, I’m not just waving flags here—the biggest challenge we face as Americans isn’t some villain in a spy movie. It's the internal division that can put a dent in our star-spangled spirit. As George Washington wisely warned way back when, too much "partying"—of the political sort, not the fun kind—can split our nation faster than you can say “apple pie.”

So this Fourth, let’s put aside our differences and turn up the dial on unity, as we celebrate the red, white and blue. By loving, celebrating, and doing life together—in SPITE of our differences—we can keep this party going for centuries to come!

Here’s to a Fourth of July filled with gratitude, joy, and maybe just a little too much BBQ sauce. Let’s make this one for the history books!

With a whole lot of gratitude and hope,



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