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God promises us a life of abundance. Why would we settle for anything less?"

- Denise Grace Gitsham


Denise was born at Travis Air Force Base in Northern California, to a Chinese mother and a Canadian father. As the daughter of immigrants and a lover of God, her life is marked by gratitude and a commitment to public service.


A graduate of the Georgetown University Law Center and Bowdoin College, Denise has worked at the highest levels of federal government, from the White House to the US Senate, as well as in law firms, for startups, and most recently in politics, as a candidate for Congress.


Today, she has her own public affairs consulting firm, serves on numerous boards, and is an Ironman triathlete.


Discovering your God-given purpose, pursuing it with discipline and focus, and doing life with like-minded people make for a happy, blessed

and impactful existence.



Denise is author of Politics for People Who Hate Politics and is a regular contributor to Propel Women, with published articles pertaining to faith, personal growth, leadership, and relationships.


Denise is a political commentator on various news outlets and her op-eds have appeared in Politico.

As a surrogate speaker for Tim Scott's campaign,

Denise praised her friend and Presidential candidate

on News Nation.


Denise is a political commentator, author, speaker, and attorney who radiates authenticity, humility, and sincerity.


Whether on tour with Propel Women, on the main stage at CPAC, or addressing audiences at business, political, or faith-based events, Denise is a vibrant and humorous storyteller who melds spiritual truths with practical takeaways that are meant to encourage and inspire.


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Courage, vulnerability, and authenticity are the keys to loving your life, and everyone in it. Are you ready to go deeper on all three?

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